Engineering and Performance

Die Cutting

Die cutting with montex-print Rotary-Sheet-fed Die Cutting Machine

Rotary die cutting with magnet cylinder, well known in the field of envelope machines and rotary die cutting by web machines for self adhesive labels is ranged as competitive process of  stroke punching by letterpress machines like the Heidelberg cylinder. Our Rotary Die Cutting machines are solely designed with Sheet feeder and place new standards of converting in the printing industry and are also knows as Rotary Sheed fed die cutting machines. According of the Heidelberg offset printing machine technology the infeed as well as the delivery of the sheets is equivalent with the offset printing machine.

The die cutting process of our Rotary die cutting machines with magnet cylinder is the gripper conducted sheet is conveyed between the magnet cylinder and the impression cylinder. This impression or back pressure cylinder is covered by a protection jacket and the  die cutting  is a linear process between these cylinders. The gripper conducted sheet is delivered after die cutting to the delivery chain system where it will be delivered and stacked.



Magnet cylinder

Magnet cylinders, specially developed for rotary die cutting are composed by stainless steel. The manufacturing of these cylinders requires an extreme high degree of precision and is produced by latest CNC technology.

Magnet cylinder with hight magnetic force also for single dies.

Magnet cylinder with register-pin system

The high magnetic force, what is generated  by the interaction of the magnet fields, ensures a precise positioning of the flexible dies at cylinder surface. The register system also guarantees a perfect and precise positioning of the shape at the printing sheet. High quality and precition of the magnet cylinders are achieved by grinding at a roundness tolerance of + – 3 µ mm.

Flexible dies

The specially for magnetic die cutting technology devised flexible dies are produced by a lavish procedure. The Dies out of an alloy steel are manufactured by etching technique by special machinery. The alloy steel will be cutted in requested size by digital slicers and for the next steps degreased and cleaned.


During the next working steps the alloy steel will be UV-exposed. In a special steel edging machine the prepared die steel plate will be etched and prepared for the CNC- Engraving machine. By CNC engraving the felxible die get’s the finish and its high precise grinding.


Processing fields


The montex-print Rotary Die Cutting Machines are according the high precise roundness tolerance of all cylinders by max. 5µ and by the stepless impression adjustment of 1µ in each time, specially qualified for processing of thin materials like IML-labels and other substrates. With its special foil device like the antistatic-equipment in feeder and delivery also difficult PC-foils from 50µ for security printing can be handled.


 Cardboard, Labels, Displays…Product-hangers as well as all other die cutting, embossing for commercials.

All die cutting, embossing, creasing, perforating of paper from 30 gr/m² as well as carton up to 450 gr/m² with 1-, or 2-unit machines



Selv-adhesive materials, stickers, labels

Kisscutting of selve adhesive materials is the Selbstklebematerialien ist der “Parade job” for our DC-Machines for a unproblematic
production of labels, stickers, or for example selv edhesive postal stamps without make ready.

 Fanfolds, passport-photo-folders, Photo-displays, or other products for the photo industry.

Falding boxes up to a material thickness of 0,5 mm with ot without blind embossing or braille processible with a double unit machine.

Folding boxes

Embossing and cerasing in unit 1 and die cutting in unit 2.